4 Things You Don’t Want to Store in Your Garage

The garage, while designed to store cars, has quickly become one of the many places that we use to store all sorts of random things. While the garage may be the perfect place to keep tools, outdoor gear, and the like, there are certain things that you don’t want to keep in your garage.  In today’s blog, the team at Garage Interiors, your Top Rated Local® Garage Interior professionals of Wisconsin, are going to go over a few of the items that you’re going to want to make sure you’re not storing in your garage. 

Paper Products

Garages are enclosed spaces, but that doesn’t mean that the elements don’t find their way in there at times. The chances of water or snow making their way into the garage is exactly why you don’t want to store paper products inside of the garage. Whether they’re in cardboard boxes or plastic bags, the chances of documents, papers, and pictures getting ruined are extremely high. Aside from that, recycling bins or piles of paper can turn into ideal spaces for pests to build homes.

Bulky Clothes or Blankets

When winter comes around, you need your cozy blankets and fluffy jackets on hand. Unfortunately, these bulky items take up tons of space when they’re not being used. Even so, the garage isn’t the ideal place to store them. These types of items make the perfect place for small rodents and other pests to turn into a home. Aside from that, animals like raccoons, skunks, and mice are always looking for fluffy materials to use for their nests. If you want to avoid the chances of your winter items turning into nest supplies, store them in the basement or in a durable tupperware that pests are unlikely to get into.


When there’s no space left in the refrigerator, a majority of us will head out to the garage and put items in our freezer. In fact, freezers are one of the most common things that you’ll see in a garage. With that being said, you want to keep as little food in your garage as possible. As we’ve mentioned a couple of times above, rodents are a huge concern in garage spaces, and when there’s a food source you can guarantee they’ll be there. So, if you are going to have food in the garage, make sure it’s in your freezer or refrigerator, anything else is better kept inside.


Another common item that we see stored in garages are electronics. From stereos to spare televisions, the garage is the place where electronics go to sit. Unfortunately, these are another major concern when the elements find their way into your garage. In the case that water gets close enough to wet your electronics, you could find yourself in a pretty dangerous situation. So, rather than leave them in the garage, clear the clutter and sell or donate them or store them in your basement where you won’t have to worry about this happening.

Let Garage Interiors Help

If your garage is somewhere that you need to use as storage, then you need to make sure that you’re doing it right. Aside from making the most of the available space, you want to have shelving, cabinets, and storage organization that will ensure everything you are storing remains in quality condition. For years we have been able to help homeowners and commercial buildings get the professional touch that they need in their garage. Browse the variety of garage storage products that we have available online and take your garage to the next level and contact our office with any questions you have.