5 Creative Ways To Use Your Garage

Lots of people neglect their garage, allowing it to turn into a dumping ground for all the clutter they don’t want taking up space in the house but are hesitant to throw away. If you are one of these people, it’s time to consider repurposing your garage in a way that is most beneficial for you. It all starts with decluttering your space and investing in some garage storage cabinets or an overhead garage storage system, then treating your garage to a fresh coat of polyaspartic floor coating. At Garage Interiors, we install “Better Than Epoxy” garage flooring in homes and businesses throughout Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Waukesha, Franklin, and Pleasant Prairie, WI, as well as Grayslake, IL. Contact us today for an estimate on your garage floor coating and garage storage system, or continue reading for some creative ways to use your garage!


If you’re the handy type, consider converting part of your garage into a woodshop where you can work with your hands and tackle lots of different projects. Whether you’re into building furniture, refacing cabinets, or want to start an Etsy shop, a workbench will make a great addition to your garage space. Shop our hobby benches and workbenches online at Garage Interiors!

Man Cave

Your man cave doesn’t have to be confined to the basement — convert your garage and enjoy some sunlight! Create a space that is truly your own, with a TV and speakers to watch all your favorite movies and sports games from the comfort of a big sectional or lounger. Add a foosball table or pool table, and you’ve got yourself a nice little escape right in your garage.


Looking for a place to store all that workout equipment? If you don’t want to work out in your basement or the spare bedroom, section off a part of your garage where you can lift weights and run on the treadmill while jamming out to your favorite music. If you have a TV in your garage gym, you’ll also have all kinds of workout videos and online yoga classes at your disposal. Plus, the cool environment will make the idea of working out much more appealing!

Music Studio

Calling all musicians! There’s no need to rent a room at a music studio if you have a nice space in your garage to host band practice. Section off an unused corner of your garage and add some comfy chairs, wooden stools, and a nice rug to create a cozy rehearsal space. Practice as loud and as often as you want — the sound won’t carry as much in the garage as it does in other parts of the house!

Home Office

Many people wish they had a nice space to work from home but don’t have the spare room in their house for a home office. So, why not convert your garage into an office space? Invest in some garage storage shelves, cabinets, or a full hobby bench where you can store your laptop, paperwork, and other office supplies. Worried about the cold? Get a rug, a cushy office chair, some blankets, and a space heater for extra comfort.

Order A Garage Storage System From Garage Interiors

We hope that this blog has given you some ideas about how you can better use your garage space and that you will find a creative way to get more use out of your garage. If you’re looking for garage storage solutions or need a garage floor resurfacing service in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, contact Garage Interiors today! You can also browse our garage storage systems online, including our hobby benches, workbenches, stackable cabinets, storage walls, and more.