A Guide To Storing Summer Essentials In Your Garage

Summer in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois is hard to beat. The weather is warm and the sun is shining, making every day an opportunity to explore the Great Outdoors. If you’re like most Wisconsinites, your garage is filled to the brim with camping gear, kayaks and/or paddleboards, sports equipment, gardening tools, pool toys, beach towels, coolers, and the list goes on. So, how do you keep your garage organized in the summer when you’re always on to the next adventure? You invest in a garage storage system from Garage Interiors! As your Top Rated Local® garage flooring company and garage storage installer, we’re here to help you make the most of your space with custom garage organization systems that are built with your unique needs in mind. Our team does everything from garage shelving and garage cabinets to overhead garage storage, workbenches, and more. Plus, we’re offering a 25% discount on our polyaspartic floor coatings when you purchase one of our garage storage systems during the month of July, so now is the time to revamp your garage and create a space you can really use! Contact our team at Garage Interiors to get started, or request a free estimate online. And, if you’re looking for some garage organization tips, get some ideas here:

Get Things Off The Floor

The golden rule of garage organization is to always keep your garage floors clear, especially in the summertime when foot traffic is high. Your garage floor should never be a permanent storage place for any of your belongings, as they are likely to be damaged or misplaced, not to mention that they are a tripping hazard. Items on the floor are also more likely to house unwanted pests in the summer, such as moths, mice, and spiders. When it comes time to reorganize your garage to better fit your summer essentials, start by gathering up everything on the floor and decide whether or not these things should be stored or thrown away. Lots of times, the things that make a permanent home on your garage floor are items you don’t care about, like empty containers, dusty boxes, and trash. Do yourself a favor and ditch the things that are taking up space on your garage floor and only keep the things you know you’ll use in the future.

Group Similar Items

Once you’ve cleared up some floor space in your garage, you can start organizing the things you want to keep. Create piles of similar items, such as camping gear, yard tools, and sports equipment, and place them in plastic bins with labels. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s in each box without having to dig through everything in search of a beach towel or life vest when you want to go paddleboarding on Lake Michigan with your family. One way to group similar items is to lay everything out on your lawn, away from your cramped garage. This will make it easier to sort through things without worrying about where they’ll fit, and you’ll be able to reenvision your space rather than trying to keep it the same. The key to garage organization is to have an open mind and think about how you can maximize your space, as opposed to cutting corners and falling back into old habits.

Give Everything A Home

When all of your bins are filled, you can start thinking about where you want to keep them. Maybe you want to install some sturdy garage storage shelves along the walls so you can line up your boxes with the labels facing outward. Or, perhaps you want to keep everything hidden, so you get some garage storage cabinets to keep everything out of sight and make your space look cleaner. Lots of people prefer to have garage ceiling storage in addition to garage shelving units, so they can switch out their skiing tub for their water sports tub when the weather gets warmer, bringing it down to a level that is more accessible during the summer. No matter how you decide to organize your boxes, try to give each one a “home” in your garage so you know where everything is at all times. The last thing you want is to make a mess in your newly organized garage because you can’t find your son’s baseball mitt or your gardening tools seem to have gone missing during the winter. Instead of shoving them into random spaces, place the boxes in your cabinets or on your garage wall shelving in a way that makes sense. Keep summer boxes separate from winter boxes, and make sure everything is put back where it belongs when it’s done being used.

Make Things Accessible

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re storing seasonal items in your garage is accessibility. Obviously, you won’t need your ski boots, snow pants, and holiday decorations in the summer, so you’ll want to keep those things stored out of the way during the summer. As previously mentioned, overhead garage storage is a popular choice for homeowners who live in a place like Wisconsin that has frigid winters and scorching hot summers, as it allows them to switch out seasonal items easily so that things are accessible when they are needed. At Garage Interiors, we recommend a combination of garage storage solutions for families in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. This way, you can keep your summer essentials in garage cabinets or on low-hanging storage shelves during the warm months, while your winter items are stowed up high. The same goes for winter — you can keep your paddleboards, kayaks, camping gear, and other summer items in garage ceiling storage during the winter, then you can switch them with your sleds, snow boots, etc. in the spring.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you stay organized and don’t let your garage become a dumping ground again. Rather than discarding junk in your garage during the summer, make sure it ends up in the trash or recycle bin. And, if you have things that can be reused, such as empty jars, boxes, and scrap wood, find a way to integrate them into your new space without making it appear like a junkyard. Remember, not everything has to be saved, and there’s no harm in recycling things you know you won’t be able to reuse. However, lots of household items make great DIY garage projects. For example, empty peanut butter jars can be used as containers for stray nails and screws if you like to do woodworking projects in the garage during the summer, and rubber bands are handy for keeping extra garden hoses coiled up. Got lots of plastic cups left over from plants you bought at the nursery? Use them to scoop out potting soil when you’re gardening, or turn them into pencil holders for your workbench. The possibilities are endless when you’re maximizing your garage space in the summer, so don’t be afraid to get crafty!

Get A Custom Garage Storage System From Garage Interiors

Now that you have a few tips to help you store your summer essentials efficiently in your garage, it’s time to get to work! Our experts at Garage Interiors have years of experience installing garage storage systems in residential and commercial garages, and we’d love to create the perfect garage storage solution for your space. Browse our garage storage options here, and give us a call to learn more. Summer is also a great time to have your garage floors resurfaced, especially if you’re totally gutting and reorganizing your garage. Contact Garage Interiors to save 25% on your garage floor coating service this July when you purchase one of our garage organization systems — we’d be happy to provide a free quote!