Get "Better-Than-Epoxy" garage flooring options with a Slide-Lok polyaspartic floor coating service from our experts at Garage Interiors, Inc. Our years of industry experience have given us all the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about what garage floor resurfacing materials and garage floor finishes to use. That being said, here is a brief run-down of the benefits of polyaspartic garage floor coatings for residential and commercial garage floors.
  • One to two-day installation, compared to two to three days for an epoxy garage floor
  • 24-hour cure time, compared to three to five days with epoxy flooring
  • Four times more strength and durability than garage floor epoxy to increase resistance to scratching, denting, and other common types of garage floor damage
  • Stain-resistant, easy to clean, lower maintenance, and longer lasting than epoxy garage flooring
  • Full penetration into the concrete and full bonding of polyaspartic layers to avoid de-lamination and other peeling problems that are common with epoxy floor coating
  • Ability to install in high and low ambient temperatures, even on the coldest Wisconsin winter days
  • Zero volatile organic compounds once cured and no offensive epoxy floor paint fumes
  • Full UV resistance to avoid yellowing and sun peeling that comes with outdoor epoxy flooring use
  • Better texture with vinyl flakes and better slip resistance than smooth epoxy garage flooring
  • Polyaspartic resistance to hot-tire peeling, which is often a problem with epoxy floor paint
  • Easy to patch and repair if you ever do find a way to gouge out a chip in the floor
  • A full 15-year product performance warranty for residential garage floor installations and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for commercial products, compared to one or two years for most epoxy garage floors
If you are on the hunt for garage flooring options that are better than traditional epoxy garage flooring materials, get "Better-Than-Epoxy" garage floor finishes with a Slide-Lok polyaspartic floor coating service from Garage Interiors, Inc. Our team has years of experience with garage floor resurfacing, garage floor repairs, and garage floor coating procedures, and would be more than happy to tend to your concrete garage floor. Give us a call today to discuss the services we offer, and request a free quote on your garage flooring project today! We service residential and commercial garage floors in Union Grove, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Waukesha, Franklin, Pleasant Prairie, WI and surrounding areas, as well as Grayslake, IL.  
While the top-quality Polyaspartic material from Slide-Lok tends to be more expensive than epoxy floor paint, the installation hours are significantly less. This supports our ability at Garage Interiors, Inc. to offer completion prices that are comparable and often even less than those from many of the installers that still offer epoxy garage flooring. Contact us here or call (888) 205-8680 to get the installation process started today!