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Boiler Repair Services
TapRoots provides professional boiler repair services for homeowners and business owners experiencing issues with their boilers. If your home or office is not heating up as quickly as usual it may be time to have your boiler looked at.
Are you experiencing issues with your boiler? If so, it’s essential that you get a professional out to look at your unit and determine the cause of the problem. A broken boiler can cause inconvenience in your household and keep things from running smoothly. That’s why it’s important that at the first sign of something wrong with your boiler, you call for repairs in your Vancouver, BC home. TapRoots is able to come out day or night for boiler issues or emergencies. 
The major signs that there’s a problem with your boiler include:
- No hot water in the boiler. It’s pretty easy to determine that if there’s no hot water inside of your boiler, it isn’t working. There could be a lot of different causes for your boiler to stop working but it takes a licensed, experienced plumber to diagnose the problem and provide repairs. Pinpointing the cause of the malfunction is where the skills of a plumber will come into play. Make sure you call a reliable plumber with a good reputation throughout the community.
- Leaks and drips are serious problems that demand attention. If you notice water pooling around your boiler call for immediate repairs in your North Vancouver home. TapRoots is just a phone call away at 604-263-7676. They’ll be right out to handle the problem, make repairs and be on their way. In the event that your boiler has outlived its lifespan, they can recommend an efficient model that will serve your family’s needs.
- Strange noises are common when a boiler starts to malfunction and should be considered a reason to call for service. Whistling, banging or gurgling sounds in the boiler may indicate air that is trapped within the system, low water pressure or pump failure right around the corner. Call for boiler repairs from TapRoots at your home if your boiler starts making any new noises.
- Have you noticed recently that your boiler’s pressure gauge is registering irregular readings? Whether the readings are too high or too low, it’s an indication that an expert should have a look at your system immediately. A fluctuation in pressure could indicate a leak in the system or a pressure release valve that’s on its way out.
- If your thermostat is turning on or off your heat haphazardly it may be time to replace it with a new one. Call TapRoots at 604-263-7676 and let one of their techs take a look at your system. They can provide a thorough diagnosis of the problem and implement any boiler repairs that are necessary. In North Vancouver, TapRoots are the most trusted plumbers around. 
Feel free to call TapRoots 24/7 for boiler repairs service in your West Vancouver home. When your boiler is not functioning properly, they’ll be only too happy to come out and get it back up and running again promptly.
Boiler Repair Services
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