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Homeowners should use durable materials for constructing their garage floors for peace of mind. Preferably, the product should be able to withstand the weight of vehicles without breaking. Also, because cars may occasionally leak grease, the garage floor material should be easy to clean, so that fluid stains aren't left behind.   

While concrete was commonly used in the past, it’s steadily being phased out due to its tendency to crack, especially in harsh weather conditions. Nowadays, many people prefer modern flooring options such as wood composite tiles, flexible rubber, and tough plastic tiles. These materials are not only hardwearing but also flexible as they come in various patterns, styles, and colors. 

For striking and unique garage floor products, Garage Interiors, Inc. has got you covered. If you need a garage floor in Grayslake, we specialize in the installation of new garage floors as well as repairing and refurbishing damaged floors. Our goal is to provide every home or business with the garage of their dreams.

Why Should You Use Polyaspartic Coating for Your Garage Floor?

Polyaspartic is a highly resistant material that provides a protective resinous layer for concrete garage floors. The technology was introduced in the 1990s and is relatively new compared to other forms of coating.

Also, the material is resistant to UV discoloration, peeling, staining, and cracking. When applied, it will keep your floor looking fresh for many years to come, with minimal maintenance needed. The product also has a light-reflective surface that gives off an attractive shine.

At Garage Interiors, Inc., we are pioneers in polyaspartic floor coatings for both private and commercial properties. Our products outdo other conventional protective materials when it comes to toughness, appearance, and longevity.

What are the Standard Dimensions of a Garage Floor?

Most single garages measure 9-10ft wide by 18-20ft long. However, nowadays there are modern homes with double or even triple garage combinations which can park several cars. For such garages, you will require larger floors to hold the extra vehicles.

Large garage floors are costlier to install than small ones. That is because they require more materials. The cost of labor also increases based on floor size.

Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Floor

Garage owners should regularly clean their floors with mild detergent and water to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Ideally, cleanup should be once a week, but if you don't find the time, then monthly cleanups can also be helpful. Stains and dirt will deteriorate your floor when not removed. They also contribute to an unhygienic environment that can cause health issues such as allergies for those who regularly use the garage.

Also, avoid using your garage to store other unnecessary items around the home, such as agricultural equipment, building materials, and old household items. Some of these objects have rough-edges that may scratch the floor surface, leading to unsightly dents and permanent marks.        

Give Your Garage Floor a Professional Retouch

Ready to spruce up your garage floor? Garage Interiors, Inc. has the best solutions for your garage floor in Grayslake for both private homes and commercial properties. Our products are resilient and can withstand weather changes without breaking, cracking, or warping. For any questions or queries, talk to us on (833) 387-6189. 

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