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When people think of finished smooth floors, the first things that comes to mind is a building’s interior. Buildings such as car showrooms are viable candidates of smooth floor finishes. It is, however, difficult for most people to picture a home garage with smooth floors. The standard floor of a garage is usually rough looking and with spills of oil

Truthfully, garage floors do not become a priority because the room contains tools that do not need constant retrieval. We enter and leave the garage in less than five minutes while parking the car. The downsides of an unfinished garage floor in Lake Zurich do not become apparent until the dust begins to collect on the car’ surface.

Garage Interiors provides exquisite floor finishes that will transform the space from a dungeon to a showroom-level premise. We have a specialty in the installation of polyaspartic floor coatings. This particular flooring offers clients valuable benefits.

Benefits of polyaspartic for garage floor coatings

Easy installation

This floor is quick to install because it does not require outgassing. It needs a short period to cure and presents a little hindrance to residents who want to access the premise sooner. The entire installation process happens in less than a day, giving you the freedom to go about your business in the usual routine. The floor does not have VOC; hence you will not get aerial contamination from the installation process

Strong resistance

The coating provides durability because of the hard flooring material. It is easy to clean; hence, it can ward off extensive damage from chemicals and stains like grease and gas. You will spend less time scrubbing it, no matter the intensity of the spill.

Easy customization

This flooring material offers customization options. It is a smooth topcoat that is often used to decorate commercial décor. You can select from a variety of colors that will enhance the aesthetic of the room. The material can also get infusions that improve the anti-microbial quality, which protects against critical conditions that develop in changed weather settings.

How to maintain a polyaspartic garage floor in Lake Zurich

  • Use a cleaner that has a balanced ph. An acidic cleaner will wear down the exceptional look while also breaking down the protective layer in small bits. Avoid detergents that contain salt or too many inorganic quotients. Most harmful cleaners are the all-purpose cleaners that have a water-soluble quality.
  • Test out a small part of the floor before using the solution on the entire floor.
  • Sweep the floor regularly to prevent a dense collection of grit. The deposition will wear down the surface over time if you do not dust mop on a regular.
  • Scrub the floor every fortnight. Make sure you remove remnants of the cleaning agent with a thorough rinse. Leaving cleaning agents on the floor will render the surface slippery.
  • Contact Garage Interiors for all maintenance and repair issues. Our services are available for residents in Northern Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin.


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