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Nowadays, it’s not just living rooms and kitchens that can have their floors re-done. Garage floors are also increasingly being remodeled and transformed into stunning spaces. Garages are usually overlooked when it comes to home renovations. But with proper planning, they can be made to stand out just like any other room in your house.

When renovating your garage floor, you should always seek professional services from a qualified contractor. The specialist will give you an estimation of all the materials needed to complete the job, as well as the project’s overall cost for proper budgeting. Moreover, since most of them have broad connections in the home improvement industry, they can show you the best places to buying floor products at a discount helping you save money in the process.

Garage Interiors, Inc. is an acclaimed company specializing in garage floor in Lincolnshire. We are experts in decorative coatings, repairs, and fitting new floors. Our team comprises of highly committed technicians who respond fast to queries, plus they can complete your project in as little as one day. 

What Are Some of The Most Popular Garage Floor Designs?

Typically, garage floor designs depend on the home owner's tastes and preferences. The residence’s architectural model may also determine how the garage will look like. One of the designs you can try is a sloping garage floor, where the surface is constructed at a slightly vertical position away from the entrance. You can even have a double-sloping floor which has two levels of elevation with one being higher than the other.

For an artistic feel, a mural or painting can be set up at the center of the garage floor with a message or theme that strikes your interest. For example, the image of a flashy sports car may be painted on the floor to symbolize your love for sports cars.

Additionally, while most floors tend to be square or rectangular shaped, you can choose to have a circular or oval-shaped floor plan instead.

How Much Will It Cost to Renovate a Garage Floor?

On average, a complete remodeling will cost anywhere between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the garage’s overall size and type of renovations performed. In some cases, the floor may feature special accessories such as garage cabinets or drawers for storage. The cost of putting up these structures can also be factored when calculating the overall price of refurbishing your garage floor.

Top Reasons for Remodeling Your Garage Floor

If you moved to a new home, but aren’t happy about the condition of the garage floor, then retouching the floor would be a great idea. It would not just improve the overall appearance of your garage, but also increase the value of your property significantly.

Remodeling may also help save on maintenance costs in the long run, since you won’t have to do minor floor repairs repeatedly, which can be expensive. With proper maintenance, a refurbished floor can last for years without requiring any repairs.

Unmatched Garage Floor Solutions

Does your garage floor need upgrading? Garage Interiors, Inc. is ready to give your garage a fresh look that you’ll absolutely love. We are dedicated contractors for garage floor in Lincolnshire always striving to make our customers happy. For quick assistance, call us today on (833) 387-6189.

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