Introducing the Lifestyle Garage Screen

Your garage is one of the most versatile spaces in your home. If you’re looking for extra storage, you go to your garage. You need to tinker on a project? Your garage has the space and is perfect for keeping your tools organized. When you’re hosting a gathering, your garage is the perfect insulated space to hang out without being directly outdoors.  With all of that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way that you could enjoy your garage without opening your garage door fully? Like a screen door that could give you the refreshing breeze without the wind, debris, pollen and leaves that make your garage messy.  If you’re curious as to why we suggest this, it’s all due to a new product that we have started offering: a screen door that fits your garage entrance perfectly!   

What is the Lifestyle Garage Door Screen?

The garage is a fantastic part of your home that can be used in a variety of ways. With the Lifestyle Garage Door Screen, you can enjoy your garage even more! These screen doors can be installed in your garage space in one day. The Lifestyle Screen systems are patented, fully loaded garage door screens. They attach to the back of your existing garage door and pull down to create a screen barrier. You can choose from three different frame colors and three different screen options as well as whether or not you’d like a retractable passage door.  Garage Interiors is a dealer of the Lifestyle Garage Screen door system, and we are extremely excited to offer this to our clients. Keep reading for a few of the major benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to invest in the Lifestyle Garage Screen. 


The Lifestyle Garage Screen system provides you with the privacy that you need when you’re spending time in your garage. With this screen in place, you can see out but nobody will be able to fully see in. This is fantastic if you’re having a get together in the garage, are working on cars, or simply want a little bit of discretion with the inside of your garage. 

Keep It Clean

Okay, so this screen system isn’t going to guarantee that your garage is clean, but it definitely will be able to keep it cleaner. With your Lifestyle Garage Screen in place, you don’t have to worry about leaves, pollen, dust, or debris finding their way into your garage. That means that as a whole, your garage is going to be so much cleaner in the case that you do leave the door open to get some work done or hangout with friends. 

Optional Passage Door

The Lifestyle Garage Screen system comes with plenty of options so that you can tailor it to your needs. One of the many ways you can customize your screen is by choosing to add a passage door. This addition makes it easy to go in and out of your garage without having to move the screen or go through the house; a feature that definitely comes in handy. 

Get a Quote on Your Garage Screen

Garage Interiors is proud to provide this service to residents in Wisconsin. If you are interested in the Lifestyle Garage Screen system, contact our office today, and we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote on the screen system that would fit your existing door. Aside from that, a professional from our team will go over the various options that come with this system and take care of any questions that you have. Reach out now!