Repurposing Your Garage

While a garage was originally intended for parking vehicles inside, many people today either don’t want to park their car or truck inside, either don’t have a car or truck to park inside, or want to use their garage space for something more important, like a mother-in-law suite. In fact, a recent survey shows that only about 15 percent of garages are actually used by homeowners to park their cars in. Garage Interiors in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois specializes in both garage flooring (namely, polyaspartic flooring) and garage storage cabinets. In this blog post, we’ll take a hard look at how to repurpose your garage for your needs. Contact us today for all your garage needs!


Spare Bedroom

If you have a teenager, you know that space is a must. It makes everyone’s life easier. Many people choose to repurpose their garage when their kids age in order to give them the space they need and crave. This is a relatively easy remodel, as you’ll just need insulation and drywall to make the room comfortable, as well as heat during the winter. For shelving, Garage Interiors offers the best garage organizational systems with our garage storage cabinets. We offer many makes and models, such as Stackable Cabinets and 8 Foot Storage cabinets. We even offer a Pantry Cabinet for your teen’s food supply, and if you have a teenage boy, you’ll definitely need one of these.

Mother-In-Law Suite/Guest Bedroom

Many people decide they need a dedicated space for their mother-in-law to stay when she comes to visit, either because you don’t get along or because she needs help when she comes due to her age. Converting your garage to a mother-in-law space is ideal because she’s still available to watch your kids, but she has her own space when she (or you) needs it. This is also a great option for a guest bedroom. Having a space to offer up to friends will allow them to stay longer when they visit, and make them more comfortable rather than just sleeping on your couch.

Home Office

If you own a business, it’s essential to have your own work space, especially if you have a busy household with kids and dogs running around, along with half the neighborhood kids. Your garage is likely the perfect space you need to have your desk, a file cabinet, and even a meeting area for clients. Garage Interiors offers the best garage cabinets to choose from so you’ll have the storage space you need to store your business documents.


If you’re a reader, it’s likely the books in your home are overflowing. They could be threatening to take over as well. Many readers like to keep their books for a long time to either pass along or share with their kids or to just keep in case they want to re-read one. If you want a dedicated space to your book collection, a garage is the perfect space to convert. You can even set up a nice reading nook, complete with a reading lamp, a nice comfy chair, a blanket, a stand for your coffee cup, and a kitty on your lap. Your garage could become your favorite, homey place if you let it.

Entertainment Center/Man Cave

Many men love to spend their weekends watching sports. They also like to watch sports with their buddies. However, this can be difficult to do in a house where your wife is cleaning, your kids are crying, the vacuum is going, and all you want to do is not miss the most important play of the game. Hence, many garages are being converted into entertainment centers and/or man caves. Your garage can be pimped out with a refrigerator full of beer and brats, a stove to cook the brats on, and a bar set up for the best margaritas and beer in the house. Make the centerpiece your huge sectional couch, and your man cave is complete!


Many people want a way to make additional income, so turning their garage into a separate apartment is a viable option. This will usually take the skill and expertise of contractors, especially if you are adding in a bathroom, and you will most likely need a building permit from the town or city in which you live. Furthermore, this may not be allowed by your town’s code, so make sure you check out the zoning and all the legalities to this option before beginning.

Kids’ Play Room

If you have children, you know that their toys take up a lot of space, from a train table, ride on toys, monster lego sets, blocks, play phones, puzzles, caterpillars, toy soldiers, shovels, buckets, balls, and the list goes on and on. Having a dedicated play space for all of your kids’ toys can save you a lot of stress and headaches because you don’t have to worry about toys being scattered across your home. Installing a polyaspartic floor in your garage is the perfect solution for your kids’ spilt milk and crumbs since this garage flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, your kids can have their own space to play make believe games and ride dragons on without you interrupting their play by telling them to pick up constantly.


If you are a member of a gym, it’s likely you are paying upwards of $1000 a year for a gym membership. Instead of paying that, you can invest that money in your own gym equipment, which you then put in the garage. There’s nothing that can beat the convenience of working out in your pajamas, and Garage Interiors has the perfect garage cabinets to store all of your workout paraphernalia as well.


The vast majority of the 85 percent who don’t park their cars in their garages use their garage as extra storage space, from storing the golf cart and motorcycles to the bikes, wagons, and camping equipment. By investing in high quality garage shelving and garage cabinets such as the garage organizational systems that Garage Interiors in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois offer, you’ll be able to find all of your stuff and have it easily accessible.


Garages are a useful part of your home and can be repurposed to suit your lifestyle, whether you’ve always wanted a home gym or you want to start your own business.The key to utilizing your garage space is investing in top-notch flooring, such as polyaspartic floor coating, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also strong, durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant. When you install a garage flooring material such as polyaspartic flooring, you’ll have a beautiful space for your kids to play, to work out, and to welcome your mother-in-law or customers into. You’ll also need the best in garage cabinets. Garage Interiors has got you covered there as well. From Stackable Cabinets, Pantry Cabinets, and 8 Foot Storage, Garage Interiors in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois offers the garage storage solutions to fit your needs. When you want to repurpose your garage, make sure you put some thought into it and evaluate your needs. Garage Interiors can help. Contact us today!