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As the Top Rated National® online garage solutions provider, Garage Interiors offers the best custom garage flooring and garage organization services in Grayslake, IL. Our experienced garage renovation experts believe in turning your dingy garage into a true extension of your house that is both functional and enjoyable as a work or living space. You deserve a garage that is more than just a cold, dark concrete room — it should be a place where you can have the perfect combination of a man-cave, a durable mechanic space, and a showroom if you wish. Garage Interiors is here to make that happen, and there isn't a garage storage and floor coating company in all of Northern Illinois that can do it better than us.  Garage Interiors offers top-quality Slide-Lok polyaspartic floor coating as one of our garage floor sealing and resurfacing options. Polyaspartic flooring comes in a wide range of colors and styles, is easy to clean, and is four times hardier than epoxy garage flooring. When paired with garage wall shelving, overhead garage storage, stackable garage cabinets, a storage wall, a workbench, hobby bench, or any other custom garage organization system, your Grayslake garage will soon be your favorite room in the house! For more information about the benefits of polyaspartic garage floor coating or to learn how our experts at Garage Interiors can transform your space with a custom garage storage solution, contact us today for a free quote.

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