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Looking for the best in garage flooring, garage floor coating, and garage storage solutions? If so, you've come to the right place! Garage Interiors is proud to provide home and business owners in Pleasant Prairie, WI and surrounding areas with a range of professional garage floor sealing services and garage organization systems. As the Top Rated National® online garage solutions provider serving Southeast Wisconsin, you can consider us as your go-to for all things garage renovation and improvement.  At Garage Interiors, we use Slide-Lok polyaspartic floor coating instead of traditional epoxy garage flooring, given that it is deeply penetrating, incredibly strong, and long-lasting, in addition to a range of other unique benefits. Not only is polyaspartic garage floor coating a great way to get the style of a showroom with a durability that is four times better than epoxy, but it is also much quicker to install. Add in overhead garage storage, garage wall shelving, stackable garage cabinets, or a custom workbench, and you have a long-lasting home improvement investment that can turn your drab garage into the work and play space you deserve. Read more about polyaspartic flooring, browse through our catalog of custom garage storage solutions, or contact us for a free quote to learn more!

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